Dr Brinkman participates in National Lab Day at The School without Walls

Dr. Brinkman talking with students in a classroom Dr. William Brinkman visited The School Without Walls in Washington, D.C. to talk about climate change with sophomore and junior science students. Dr. Brinkman discussed the causes and potential solutions to global climate change and demonstrated a computer simulation developed to illustrate changes in ground precipitation.

Dr. Brinkman was impressed with the students' enthusiasm and their insightful questions, especially as they related to limiting the United States' carbon footprint. In particular, one student inquired about how to remove carbon di-oxide already in the atmosphere and Dr. Brinkman explained the difficulty with extracting carbon di-oxide from air and discussed issues of carbon sequestration, nuclear power, and renewable energies.

The School Without Walls is a small public magnet high school located on The George Washington University campus. It is a highly regarded public high school in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1971, the School Without Walls provides an academic curriculum that encourages students to "use the city as a classroom." It is part of the D.C. Public School System and draws students from all communities in the city.