The Office of Safety and Security Policy proactively leads all aspects of the Office of Science’s (SC) management and oversight of laboratory operations.
The Office:

  • Serves as the principle advisor to SC leadership and provides guidance to the Integrated Support Center staff to ensure established policies and expectations are understood and implemented.
  • Establishes SC-wide goals, strategies, policies, and expectations.
  • Develops and implements policies, procedures, and guidance for SC Headquarters.
  • Conducts oversight activities as required by DOE directives and as requested by the Deputy Director for Field Operations.  Identifies cross-cutting issues and recommends strategies for improvement.
  • Establishes the SC position regarding the impact of legislation, Executive Orders, Acquisition Letters, and DOE directives.
  • Champions SC interests regarding the development of policies, requirements or initiatives by the Department, other Executive Branch agencies, or the Congress.
  • Participates in Inspector General and General Accountability Office reviews, provides feedback on draft reports, and provides SC leadership and staff with periodic summaries of findings in areas related to the Office’s expertise.
  • Serves as the SC Headquarters Security Officer and acts as the principle interface with the Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security and National Nuclear Security Administration on security related issues.
  • Builds and maintains collaborative working relationships with the following DOE staff offices, which are critical to successfully executing the SC mission and functions.
    • Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security
    • Office of Enterprise Assessments
    • Office of Information Resources within the Office of Management
    • Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
    • Deputy General Counsel for Environment and Nuclear Programs within GC
    • Office of NEPA Policy and Compliance