DOE-NP SBIR/STTR Exchange Meeting
August 13-14, 2020

Thursday, August 13, 2020
Presentation TitleSpeakerOrganization
Welcome and Introductory Remarks Gillo, Jehanne DOE, Office of Nuclear Physics
Farkhondeh, Manouchehr DOE, Office of Nuclear Physics
NP SBIR/STTR Program Overview Shinn, Michelle DOE, Office of Nuclear Physics
Manufacturing and Packaging of Reliable Bialkali Photocathodes via Sputtering Bhandari, Harish Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc., MA
HOM Absorber Design for eRHIC ERL Cavity Schultheiss, Thomas TJS Technologies, NY
NP Low Energy Facilities and the SBIR/STTR Program Chipps, Kelly Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Techniques for Energetic Ion Assisted in-situ Coating of Long, Small Diameter, Beam Pipes with Compacted Thick Crystalline Copper Film Custer, Arthur Poole Ventura Inc, CA
Development of Gen-II LAPPDTM  Systems For Nuclear Physics Experiments Foley, Michael Incom Inc., MA
Jefferson Lab and the NP SBIR/STTR Program Spata, Michael Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Nuclear Physics Gamma-ray Imaging System for Real-Time Rare Isotope Harvesting, Monitoring and Radiochemical Separation Hull, Ethan PHDs Co., TN
Multi-scale Modeling for Beam-beam Depolarization Zilberter, Ilya Tech-X Corporation, CO
Accurate Spin Tracking on Modern Computer Architectures for Electron-Ion Colliders  Nash, Boaz RadiaSoft LLC, CO
IP Access Gateway Radulescu, Radu Telluric Labs, NJ
A Novel Injection-locked Amplitude-Modulated Magnetron at 1497 MHz Neubauer, Mike Muons, Inc., IL
Distributed Digital Data Acquisition System with Network Time Synchronization Hennig, Wolfgang XIA LLC, CA
Dynamic Friction in Magnetized Electron Coolers for Relativistic Beams Bruhwiler, David RadiaSoft LLC, CO
Radiation Hard High Speed Camera System for Accelerator Beam Diagnostics Engelman, Matt Alphacore Inc, AZ
A Multi-channel Radiation-tolerant, Low power, High-speed, and Resolution Analog-to-Digital Converter for Nuclear Physics Detectors Gui, Ping TallannQuest LLC, TX
Software-Driven Network Architecture for Synchronous Data Acquisition McMillian, Gary Crossfield Technology LLC, TX
Automated Preparation of  211AT for Targeted Alpha Theraphy Applications  Marshall, Graham Global FIA, Inc., WA
Low Cost Data Acquisition Synchronization for Nuclear Physics Applications Skulski, Wojtek SkuTek Instrumentation, NY
A Magnetized Injector for Electron Cooling Applications Smolenski, Karl Xelera Research LLC, NY
Modeling Plasma Discharge Cleaning of SRF Cavities Leddy, Jarrod Tech-X Corporation, CO
Friday, August 14, 2020
Presentation TitleSpeakerOrganization
A  Scalable  Additive  Manufacturing  Technology  For Large  Area  Printed  Circuit  Boards Kumar, Nalin UHV Technologies, Inc., KY
Scintillating Bolometer Crystal Growth and Purification for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Experiments Squillante, Michael Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc., MA
Boron Nitride Nanotube Vibration Damping for SRF Structures  Whitney, Roy BNNT, LLC, VA
Long-Term Radiation Rugged Rotary Vacuum and Water Seals in Heavy-Ion Accelerators  Lalli, Jennifer NanoSonic, Inc, VA
The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Facility and its SBIR/STTR Opportunities Minty, Michiko Brookhaven National Laboratory
12-bit 32 Channel 500MSps Low Latency ADC Baranauskas, Dalius Pacific Microchip, CA
Radiation Hardened Opto-atomic Magnetometer Choi, Jae Hedgefog Research Inc., CA
Multi-Channel Readout IC for Nuclear Physics Experiments  Mikkola, Esko Alphacore Inc., AZ
Long length Welded NbTi CIC Superconducting Cable for Accelerator Applications Tomsic, Michael Hyper Tech Research, Inc., OH
Resonant Polarimetry and Magnetometry. Roberts, Brock Electrodynamic, NM
Update on the Department of Energy SBIR/STTR Program, Q/A Oliver, Manny   DOE, SBIR/STTR Office
High Power Extremely Narrow Linewidth Diode Laser for Polarizing 3He Target Lu, Steven Raytum Photonics, VA
Low RF Loss DC Conductive Ceramic for High Power Input Coupler Windows for SRF Cavities  Freemire, Ben Euclid Techlabs LLC, OH
Design and Fabrication of the ASoC: a System-on-Chip Data Acquisition System Mostafanezhad, Isar Nalu Scientific, LLC, HI
Graphene Backing for Radioisotope Targets  Fink, Richard Applied Nanotech, Inc., TX
An ASIC with a Low Power Multichannel ADC for Energy and Timing Measurements Karnitski, Anton Pacific Microchip Corporation,  CA
Radiation Hardened Infrared Focal Plane Arrays Chang, Yong Epir, Inc., IL
Precise and Ultra-stable Laser Polarization Control for Polarized Electron Beam Generation Guo, Bo Raytum Photonics LLC, VA
Low Cost, High-Density Digital Electronics for Nuclear Physics Skulski, Wojtek SkuTek Instrumentation, NY
A Novel Ionizing Particle Beam Fluence and Position Detector Array using the Micromegas Technology with Multi-coordinate Readout Galyaev, Evgeny Radiation Detection and Imaging Technologies, LLC, AZ