Federal Agency Proposals

Federal Agency Submissions

If a SC Funding Opportunity Announcement permits other Federal agencies or other Federal agency’s Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) contractors to apply, they must use Grants.gov to complete the government-wide standard grant forms and to submit the completed application through Grants.gov. No application will be accepted unless it is submitted through Grants.gov. In addition, FFRDC contractors must include in their application an authorization that they are allowed to apply from their cognizant Contracting Officer.

Should an application from another Federal agency or another agency’s FFRDC contractor be recommended for award, SC will prepare and fund an award using the interagency agreement process.

In other instances, the Office of Science may directly invite DOE National Laboratories and other Federal agencies to submit applications. Each invitation will include a link to the SC Portfolio Analysis and Management System (PAMS). Invited applicants will use this system and complete the application information requested. The PAMS External User Guide provides information about the application process.

Do not use Grants.gov for this type of submission.

Should an application submitted using PAMS be recommended for award, SC will fund the awards through the appropriate mechanisms. The interagency agreement process will be used for other Federal agencies and DOE’s National Laboratories will receive funding under M&O contracts.