Service Plan of the SC Consolidated Service Center

Office of Acquisition and Business Services

Office of Grants and Cooperative Agreements

Office of Financial Services

Office of Technical Services


Office of Acquisition and Business Services


The Office of Acquisition and Business Services (OABS) delivers essential acquisition and business services which enable SC and other DOE programs to accomplish their mission.


The OABS provides a full range of procurement and business services through an Assistant Manager and two distinct Divisions. The Assistant Manager serves as.the senior non-M&O acquisition Procurement Official for the CSC, functions as the CSC Competition Advocate, and serves as the Task and Delivery Order Ombudsman for the CSC.

Acquisition Division

  • Supports acquisition planning, solicitation, award, non-competitive extension, administration and closeout of SC non-M&O contracts.
  • Provides contract acquisition planning, solicitation, selection, negotiation, award, administration and closeout of contracts for the CSC, SC and other DOE program office requirements.
  • Conducts independent reviews of major acquisition agreements and sub-agreements to ensure quality; compliance with Federal statute and Federal and Departmental acquisition regulations and policy; application of sound business judgement and the best interests of the Government are met.
  • Chairs or oversees CSC-specific source evaluation boards, reviews acquisition plans, provides assistance with development of statements of work, issues extend/compete packages, and reviews foreign purchase determinations.
  • Awards non-SC research related financial assistance instruments, interagency agreements and support service contracts.
  • Provides simplified acquisition procurement of goods and services for SC, the CSC, SC Site Offices, and the SC Office of Scientific and Technical Information.
  • Exercises authorities delegated by the Head of Contacting Activity (HCA) in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation 1.601.
  • Interprets and implements procurement policies.

Business Division

Small Business

  • Plans, coordinates, and ensures attainment of DOE's small business goals by assisting with the implementation of the Small and Disadvantaged Business Program, Woman­ Owned Small Business Program, Small Disadvantaged Veteran-Owned Small Business Program, Historical Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Institutions Program and other related programs.

Policy & Programs

  • Ensures adherence to applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures in the implementation of requirements in the functional areas of non-M&O acquisition, contractor industrial relations, personal property management, real property management, and small business contracting.
  • Provides non-M&O acquisition guidance, policy implementation, independent review and senior level procurement advice.
  • Maintains up-to-date terms and conditions, templates and forms for acquisition instruments.
  • Represents the CSC and advocates for SC Site Offices on the Quality Assurance Representative Council, the Procurement Systems Working Group, the Data Quality/Report Working Group, Procurement Policy Advisory Group, Procurement Evaluation and Reengineering Team, and the Financial Assistance Advisory Council.
  • Provides guidance, assistance and support to the CSC and SC Site Offices on the following acquisition systems: Strategic Integrated Procurement Enterprise System (STRIPES), Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation (FPDS-NG),, Advance Notification of Awards, System for Award Management, Federal Business Opportunities, iManage/iPortal, IDW/Business Intelligence (Bl Answers), and ESS/Management Information Systems for STRIPES account management.
  • Prepares responses to all data calls and annual reports including the Critical Few Report, the Quarterly Acquisition Savings Report, the annual Competition Advocate Report, the FPDS-NG Data Quality Annual Report, and the Sustainable Acquisition Report.
  • Provides central services and assistance in matters pertaining to contractor selection and procurement of DOE-direct services, supplies and construction.
  • Manages the Government Purchase Card program, the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System, the Acquisition Career Management Program, and Procurement Management Information systems.
  • Serves as Management System Owner for SCMS Management Systems, as assigned.

Contractor Industrial Relations

  • Provides advice and assistance to SC to support the effective programmatic oversight of contractor human resources programs.
  • Provides support for effective programmatic oversight of contractor compensation and benefits programs; contractor labor relations programs; contractor human resources management programs; contractor employee concerns; contractor workforce restructuring initiatives; and negotiates advance understandings of allowable contractor human resources costs.
  • Administers labor standards, serves as chair of Labor Standards Committee(s), and ensures compliance with Federal labor laws.
  • Conducts studies and assesses contractor performance, analyzes contractor reports, prepares and maintains HR-related reports; and develops data on labor relations practices, including wage, salary, and employee benefits administration.

Industrial Property

  • Serves as the SC Operations Property Management Officer.
  • Plans, develops, and executes guidelines and procedures for the management of personal property and fleet, including utilization, maintenance, storage, administrative and physical controls, and disposition of materials, supplies, and equipment.
  • Appraises, monitors and supports effective programmatic oversight of contractor performance of personal property management and conducts special studies and surveys of contractor operations.

Real Property

  • Plans, develops, and executes all real estate actions for the land use planning, acquisition of interests from private parties, utilization and management of real property, and disposition of various real property interests for SC.
  • Provides all direction, review, support for effective programmatic oversight, and approval for signatory authority of documents and for decision-making of actions affecting contractor realty items.
  • Appraises, monitors and supports effective programmatic oversight of contractor performance of real property management and conducts special studies and surveys of contractor operations.
  • Serves as a Level Ill certified Realty Officer for SC, with an unlimited warrant.

SCMS, Directives Management, and Records Management

  • Provides SC enterprise-wide services for records management.
  • Manages, operates and maintains the SCMS Operations Center for the SC Complex to ensure that SCMS remains institutionalized as the single and most efficient means for managing SC-wide policies and procedures.
  • Develops, coordinates, and administers the Directives and Standards Management Program for the CSC.

Training Support

  • Serves as liaison between the Offce of Human Capital and SC for processing training requests, coordinating group training, and tracking of the CSC training budget.
  • Conducts annual training needs assessments for the CSC and supports the same for SC Site Offices including collation of course requests and identification of potential training vendors and service providers.

Office of Grants and Cooperative Agreements


The Office of Grants and Cooperative Agreements (OGCA) serves as the SC Financial Assistance Center of Excellence performing cradle-to-grave services for SC and other DOE program offices. The OGCA solicits, reviews, selects, negotiates, awards, administers and closes out financial assistance agreements (grants and cooperative agreements) including those for SC's Research Financial Assistance Program, DOE's Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)  programs, other first-of-a-kind financial  assistance efforts in pursuit of transformative science, and other financial assistance actions, as necessary.


The OGCA provides the full range of financial assistance procurement services through an Assistant Manager, Deputy Assistant Manager, and two distinct Divisions.

Financial Assistance Division

  • Performs Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) and financial assistance action planning, solicitation, selection, negotiation, award, and closeout for SC financial assistance awards and major SC facilities, research centers, and first-of-a-kind financial assistance opportunities.
  • Negotiates and awards interagency agreements affiliated with the SC Research Financial Assistance Program.
  • Ensures inactive agreements subject to the Grants Oversight and New Efficiency (GONE) Act are efficiently and effectively closed out according to the requirements of the Act.
  • Provides senior-level advice and guidance in matters of financial assistance.

SBIR/STTR and Financial Assistance Support Division

  • Provides negotiation, award, administration and closeout of SC financial assistance agreements for research and development under DOE's SBIR/STTR programs.
  • Negotiates and awards interagency agreements affiliated with the SC Research Financial Assistance Program.
  • Interprets statutory, regulatory and/or DOE-issued financial assistance policies to provide local implementing procedures.
  • Maintains an easily-accessible policy and procedure SharePoint site for financial assistance professionals.
  • Maintains up-to-date terms and conditions, templates and forms for financial assistance agreements.
  • Participates in pertinent DOE working groups, especially those related to financial assistance and procurement systems (i.e., STRIPES, ANA, SAM, etc.).
  • Performs Alternate and Independent Review of major financial assistance actions and sub-agreements to ensure quality; compliance with Federal statute and Federal and Departmental financial assistance regulations and policy; application of sound business judgement; and that the best interests of the Government are met.
  • Performs checks with responsible Federal agencies to ensure potential recipients are in compliance with national assurance requirements.
  • Ensures the quality of data entered into DOE/Federal procurement data systems.
  • Processes required Congressional notifications of financial assistance actions.


Office of Financial Services


The Office of Financial Services (OFS) provides services in the areas of funds management; accounting operations; audit liaison; financial advice and pricing in support of contract awards and administration; and special management and financial reviews. OFS delivers timely, reliable, and quality services and financial data to enable the successful mission execution of the SC, other DOE Offices, and participants in the Strategic Partnership Projects (SPP) program.


The OFS provides financial services and strategies to maintain financial integrity through an Assistant Manager who also serves as the CSC Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a Deputy Assistant Manager, an Audit and Review Team, and three distinct Divisions.

Financial Services

  • Exercises Secretarial and DOE Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Allotment Holder authorities specifically delegated to the field CFOs, or equivalent, in accordance with DOE Order 520.lA, Chief Financial Officer Responsibilities; DOE Order 534.1B, Accounting; and DOE Order 523.1, Financial Management Oversight.
  • Provides accounting services and functions by creating and maintaining accurate and dependable financial records.
  • Provides subject matter expertise including financial assistance, advice, and policy guidance to CSC staff, Site Offices, and supported contractors/grantees for a variety of DOE and U.S. Department of Treasury initiatives.
  • Reviews indirect rates, reviews proposed changes to accounting and budget systems, evaluates the adequacy of the Cost Accounting Standards Disclosure Statements, and provides input to Contracting Officers on the financial management performance of site/facility management contractors.
  • Provides cost/price analysis and audit of contractor costs proposals and Contract closeouts.
  • Supports the annual audit of DOE financial statements by ensuring the accuracy of data contained in the official accounting system and providing reconciliation information and other data to auditors.
  • Utilizes systems and develops processes for budget execution, funds control, accounting, financial reporting and internal controls in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and Government Accountability Office (GAO), Office of Management and Budget, Congressional, and US Treasury guidelines as implemented by DOE Orders and/or appropriation laws.

Audit and Review Team

  • Serves as a senior advisor to CSC and Office of the Deputy Director for Field Operations (DDFO) leadership on Office of Inspector General (OIG) and General Accountability Office audit issues.
  • Conducts special audits of grant/contract actions as requested by Contracting Officers.
  • Leads special management inquiries as a Federal Official as requested by CSC and DDFO leadership.
  • Coordinates OIG Hotline referrals.
  • Serves as a liaison for IG and GAO audits.
  • Tracks audit corrective actions through closure and conducts DARTs reporting for the
  • csc.
  • Distributes audit notifications and facilitates resolution of audit issues.
  • Certifies closure and effectiveness of corrective actions.

Funds Management Division

  • Ensures proper use of appropriations and funds control.
  • Performs funds distribution (financial plans) and records M&O contractor and miscellaneous obligations.
  • Provides analysis, support and guidance of budget and administrative issues pertaining to Site Offices and M&O contractors.
  • Resolves funding issues and shortfalls throughout the execution period.
  • Analyzes costs/expenditures against contractor spend plans.
  • Formulates and manages the program direction, landlord and safeguards and security budget for the CSC.
  • Reviews Institutional and direct General Plant Projects and miscellaneous items of equipment, and ensures funds are within Congressional limits.
  • Administers the Inter-Entity and Strategic Partnerships Projects program to ensure that all applicable financial management DOE Orders are followed.

Financial Evaluation Division

  • Conducts audits of grant/contract actions as requested by Contracting Officers.
  • Conducts pre-award, post-award and grant/co11tract closeout reviews.
  • Provides support for Source Evaluation Boards.
  • Provides subject matter expertise to Site Offices in a variety of areas including but not limited to Cost Accounting Standards, Allowable Cost, Indirect Rates, Cooperative Audit Strategy, Internal Audit Oversight, Interpretation and Guidance on Complex Financial Issues.
  • Ensures internal controls are in place to protect the organization and its customers.

Data Integrity & Financial Division

  • Prepares the CSC financial statement package and oversees the Standard Accounting and Reporting System (STARS) reporting for CSC and supported M&O/integrated contractors.
  • Provides support for the annual Financial Statement audit.
  • Ensures the integrity of financial data and prepares the quarterly Comprehensive Field Financial Review.
  • Conducts testing of core financial systems.
  • Performs debt collection activities and assists the M&O contractors with the collection activities.
  • Ensures proper recording of costs, property, plant and equipment, accruals, intra/inter­ office work, contractor pension and post-retirement data, Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection System and reciprocal accounting.
  • Administers payroll and travel systems and processing for the CSC staff and SC Site Offices.
  • Provides subject matter expertise to Site Offices, Laboratories and CSC organizations in a variety of areas including but not limited to the DOE Financial Management Handbook interpretation, DOE CFO Policy interpretation, Travel, Payroll, Environmental Liabilities, Leases, Laboratory Accounting, and Interpretation and Guidance on Complex Financial Issues.
  • Establishes, maintains, and updates contractor/grantee letters of credit authorizations.
  • Performs Appropriation recasts and contractor transitions/transfers.
  • Supports semi-annual STARS access reviews.

Office of Technical Services


The Office of Technical Services (OTS) supplements SC-HQ and Site Office capabilities with technically competent emergency management; environment, safety and health; quality assurance; and safeguards and security expertise. This expertise is provided upon request to assist Federal line management with performing the effective programmatic oversight needed to monitor regulatory implementation, and ensure contracts and financial assistance are effectively and efficiently meeting performance expectations for achieving the SC Mission.


The OTS provides a broad-range of emergency management; environment, safety and health; quality assurance; and safeguards and security technical support through an Assistant Manager and two distinct Divisions.

OTS Federal staff possess technical competency to support successful programmatic management and implementation in their prescribed area of expertise through successful completion of an assigned DOE Functional Area Qualification Standard. Work performed by OTS strives to always consider as a top priority the safety, well-being, and security of Federal and contractor employees, the environment, Government property, and the public.

Technical expertise not possessed by OTS, but required in response to a service request, is acquired as best suited to achieve the support request from other SC Federal entities, other DOE Federal Program Offices, other Federal Agencies, SC M&O contractors, or through the CSC technical services contract to most effectively support customer needs.

Environment, Safety and Health Division

  • Serves as the National Environmental Policy Act Compliance Officer for SC-HQ and Federal field offices.
  • Coordinates implementation of the CSC internal quality assurance program.
  • Supports successful management and implementation of the SC Technical Qualification Program.
  • Serves as Management System Owner for the SCMS Management System for Environment, Safety and Health, and Quality Assurance and Oversight.
  • Manages the SC Employee Concerns Program.
  • Serves as the SC non-nuclear designated point of contact to the DOE Differing Professional Opinion Program.
  • Sponsors the SC Quality Assurance Forum Community of practice. 

Safeguards and Security Division

  • Serves as the Cognizant Personnel Security Office for the CSC.
  • Serves as the Classification Officer in support of SC Headquarters and Federal field offices.
  • Serves in a matrix support role as the safeguards and security staff of the SC Site Offices.
  • Serves as the Officially Designated Security Authority for the Oak Ridge Federal Building.
  • Provides Cyber Security support to SC Headquarters and Site Offices.
  • Serves as Secondary Management System Owner for the SCMS Management System for Safeguards, Security and Emergency Management.