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The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, Energy Justice and Equity (EEO) is committed to equal employment opportunity principles and practices in all of our management decisions and personnel practices. Additionally, we ensure DOE field site compliance with civil rights and EEO laws, regulations, and related directives and Executive Orders that prohibit workplace discrimination, ensuring integration of EEO into DOE field site policies and decisions, and overseeing the informal EEO complaint process for DOE field sites.  The Division also implements affirmative employment programs in accordance with U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requirements to promote EEO in DOE field site locations and assesses efforts to achieve a Model EEO Program at DOE field site locations. To learn more about the EEO complaint process and mediation options, please visit: DOE Office of  Equal Employment Opportunity, Energy Justice and Equity 

To Initiate the Complaint Process

If you are a DOE federal employee, former employee, or applicant for employment, you may initiate the DOE EEO complaint process if you believe that you have been discriminated against based on one or more of these factors: race; color; religion; sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and/or sexual orientation); national origin; age (40 and over); disability (physical and/or mental); genetic information; or retaliation for prior EEO activity.

Employees are encouraged to promptly report discrimination or harassment to any management official or directly to their EEO office. To preserve their right to utilize the EEO complaint process, employees or applicants for employment must initiate contact with the DOE Office of Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity or their respective EEO office within 45 calendar days of the date of the alleged discrimination, or within 45 calendar days from the date on which they reasonably became aware of the discrimination.

DOE Headquarters employees or applicants for employment may file an EEO complaint regarding discrimination or harassment with their designated the EEO Manager (Darvin.Bennett@hq.doe.gov or by phone at (202) 355-8925) or through the DOE Office of Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, Energy Justice and Equity at (202) 586-2218, or email them at civilrights@hq.doe.gov. Field Site employees or applicants for employment should contact their local EEO office within the same 45-calendar day period. If a formal complaint is accepted, a prompt, thorough, and impartial investigation will be conducted. DOE seeks to protect the confidentiality of discrimination and harassment allegations to the fullest extent possible, and only shares information with those who have a need to know in the performance of their official duties.

To initiate the EEO process, you must first contact an EEO Counselor. At the initial counseling session, you may select either traditional EEO counseling or, if approved, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

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EEO Point of Contact:

Darvin Bennett
EEO Manager
(202) 355-8925