Education and Resources

This section is intended to provide IRB chairs, administrators, and members, as well as researchers and program managers, with access to useful educational materials, resources, and tools. Feel free to contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions regarding additional materials that should be added to this section.

CITI Courses

DOE makes online training in the protection of human subjects available to researchers, IRB members, administrators, and chairs, through CITI. Read More »

DOE Resources

Over the years, DOE and DOE site/laboratory representatives have worked with other agencies to develop resources and tools that are meant to help researchers and IRBs with understanding and implementing the requirements. Read More »

Informed Consent

This section includes an overview of the requirements for properly informing prospective research subjects and obtaining the consent of those who volunteer to participate. Read More »

Special Research Categories

Certain types of research require special considerations. Additional information about special research categories in DOE-funded and conducted work is included here. Read More »

Community IRB Member Resources

Unaffiliated, or community, members of IRBs perform a critical role. This section includes resources specifically for these important members. Read More »

Other Resources

Other resources DOE and DOE sites/laboratories have found useful are included in this section. Read More »

Human Subjects Research Database (HSRD)

The HSRD is DOE's publicly available database highlighting key information about DOE-funded and conducted projects that involve human subjects research. Read More »


IRB10 is an electronic system used by the Central DOE IRBs and DOE site IRBs to streamline and automate the process for IRB review of researchers' applications for human subjects research. Read More »