Secretary Bodman Announces DOE Technology Transfer Coordinator

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman today strengthened the Department of Energy’s (DOE) efforts to transfer energy technologies from DOE national laboratories and facilities to the global marketplace by naming Under Secretary for Science, Dr. Raymond Orbach, as Technology Transfer Coordinator, in accordance with the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct). Secretary Bodman also established a Technology Transfer Policy Board, chaired by the Under Secretary for Science, to assist in coordinating and implementing policies for DOE’s technology transfer activities. The Coordinator and the Policy Board will undertake a comprehensive review of the Department’s technology transfer policies with the goal of deploying energy technologies to the marketplace at an accelerated rate.

“The Under Secretary for Science is uniquely positioned to expand and enhance the Department’s coordination of world class scientific research to further the deployment of technologies that are ripe for commercialization,” Secretary Bodman said. “By applying scientific research to develop energy solutions, we are advancing President’s Bush plan to increase the use of cleaner, more efficient energy technologies that will reduce our nation’s reliance on foreign sources of energy.”

To establish a framework for continuity and uniformity of technology transfer activities throughout the DOE complex, the Policy Board will consist of DOE officials from relevant offices, and will meet to review the technology transfer activities of the DOE National Laboratories, and other DOE facilities. The Policy Board will advise the Coordinator on funding for technology transfer activities; efforts to engage the private sector; and review of contract and other legal mechanisms governing access to the Department’s facilities by state and local governments, universities and industry.

The Coordinator and the Policy Board will develop a technology transfer execution plan required by EPAct. The Coordinator and the Policy Board will establish and oversee the activities of the Technology Transfer Working Group that will include representatives from DOE National Laboratories and other DOE facilities authorized to conduct technology transfer activities, and from field officials responsible for overseeing these technology transfer activities.

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