Quantum Information Science (QIS)

The DOE Isotope R&D and Production (DOE Isotope Program or DOE IP) program produces and distributes isotopes critical for QIS and supports R&D on novel and improved isotope production capabilities to ensure a secure, domestic supply of isotopes that are of vital importance to the Nation’s QIS efforts. Isotope-specific properties and isotope effects in materials manifest behaviors that can be exploited to enable the functional underpinnings necessary for QIS research and technology, including precise and efficient measurements, stable system coherence, and interference reduction. High isotopic purities are often required to leverage the unique properties of isotopes in the QIS research and application space. The DOE IP has reestablished the Nation’s capability to enrich stable isotopes through development of modern and innovative electromagnetic isotope separators and gaseous centrifuge technologies.

The DOE IP is in the process of constructing the Stable Isotope Production Facility (SIPF) to provide a modest centrifuge capacity and the Stable Isotope Production and Research Center (SIPRC) to add substantial electromagnetic separation and gas centrifuge production capacity.

SC Statement on Quantum Information Science

The Office of Science discusses the emerging and cross-cutting field of QIS in a Dear Colleague Letter available


SC Quantum Information Science Initiative

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