PuRe Data Resources at a Glance

The Office of Science (SC) Public Reusable Research (PuRe) Data Resources are data repositories, knowledge bases, analysis platforms, and other activities that make data publicly available to enable better communication, better stewardship, and better science. Resources are listed below by program office.

Active Thermochemical Tables (ATcT)

Active Thermochemical Tables (ATcT) are a source of reliable, highly accurate, and internally consistent thermochemical values for a broad range of stable and reactive chemical species, obtained by constructing, statistically analyzing, and solving a large Thermochemical Network that includes all available thermochemically-relevant determinations.

Associated program office: Basic Energy Sciences

Materials Project (MP)

The Materials Project (MP) is a recognized leader of data generation, storage, and distribution in the domain of materials science.

Associated program office: Basic Energy Sciences

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM)

The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Data Center is a leading provider of ground-based atmospheric measurements with the goal of advancing atmospheric and climate research.

Associated program office: Biological and Environmental Research

Joint Genome Institute (JGI)

The Joint Genome Institute (JGI) is the global leader in generating genome sequences of plants, fungi, microbes, and metagenomes.

Associated program office: Biological and Environmental Research

Systems Biology Knowledgebase (Kbase)

The Systems Biology Knowledgebase (KBase) is a data platform that aims to enable researches to predict and ultimately design biological function.

Associated program office: Biological and Environmental Research

Particle Data Group (PDG)

The Particle Data Group (PDG) is an international collaboration that provides an authoritative and comprehensive summary of particle physics as well as related areas of cosmology and astrophysics.

Associated program office: High Energy Physics

National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC)

The National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC) is the lead unit of the US Nuclear Data Program (USNDP), whose mission is to provide current, accurate, authoritative data for workers in pure and applied areas of nuclear science and engineering.

Associated program office: Nuclear Physics